The rich history of Gouda Cheese

For nearly 900 years, the green fields outside the Dutch city of Gouda have been home to generations of the world’s greatest cheesemakers. Originally settled by homesteaders looking to establish small farms, the region quickly became home to cattle breeding once it was discovered that the flood-prone soil was not ideal for growing crops. It was, however, ideal for raising cows that produced exemplary milk, which could be transformed into the quality butter and cheese. 

In the 17th century, these cheeses began to become famous outside of their homeland, being sold at the legendary Gouda cheese market to traders that introduced these small-batch cheeses throughout Europe and across the globe during the Age of Exploration. The demand has never ceased: now, in the 21st century, the Netherlands remains the world’s largest exporter of cheese. 

Today Melkbus® continues this tradition, capturing the artistry and spirit of the farmers who have been crafting these styles of cheese for hundreds of years. Every element is unique to the region: the cows who have long called this region home, the lush meadows they graze on, the generations old family cheese recipe. All of these together result in a creamy, slightly sweet flavor that’s been prized for nearly one thousand years — a flavor that’s impossible to find anywhere else.